Scrivere a Modo

Workshops organization, teaching and visual identity

I have been part of the organization of the calligraphy workshop series “Scrivere a Modo”, held by the library Modo Infoshop for the past two years. The program includes beginners classes, advanced classes, lectures and meetings with Italian and international teachers and ranges from calligraphy to hand lettering, sign painting and illumination.

I design posters, flyers and digital contents for newsletters as well as on facebook. Considering the variety of the offer I decided to use a chromatic division for the contents, in which every colour indicates a kind of event. The colour palette became a graphic pattern which I used as a coordinated visual identity. Since every poster has a good amount of rich pictures and calligraphy style, I used a very simple and clean design. I wanted to keep to a basic type for headlines which is similar in proportion to the underground typeface designed by Edward Johnston, a pioneer for modern calligraphers.

Client: Scrivere A Modo

Year: 2016 – 2017