Il Punto

Hand drawn lettering, design and sign painting

Il Punto is a pub in downtown Bologna that specializes in craft beers and fine food. Despite the chilled and easy-going atmosphere of the pub the offer of beer, wine, liquor and food is of a prime quality, so the goal for me was to create a visual identity which was formal and playful at the same time. I decided to use mainly two letter styles: a classical formal Copperplate with a fancy twist on capital letters and ending strokes and unusual ligatures; and a simple heavy weight Block Lettering characterized by the middle bars moved slightly on the top. I used some simple flourishing filetes in order to separate the contents in a more apparent manner. Since I wanted to keep the design clean I used only two colours, white and a warm yellow – as well as being the colour of beer, it’s also a colour that looks cosy and alive.

The background colour is a matte – similar blackboard – paint, the paint for graphics is sign painting enamel that makes it bright and emphasizes the contrast with the background.

In addition to the design and sign painting I helped to figure out a way to organize contents inside and outside in a way that mirrors the values of the pub entirely.

Client: Il Punto

Year: 2016