Alessandro Salice

Logo design, branding and visual identity

Alessandro Salice is a professional calligrapher, calligraphy teacher and book author.

He focuses his research on teaching how to improve everyday handwriting through the calligraphic style American Cursive Handwriting, and his studies range from calligraphy to paleography. In order to represent him properly, the goal was to have a strong and serious design that wouldn’t look too stiff. To obtain that feel I combined a simple linear icon with a classical typeface, that still has a quirky look given by the character of his strokes and serifs. A choice of bright colours – that brings back to the classical calligraphy imagery – emphasizes this concept. The oval line that surrounds the icon is a fundamental element of the style he teaches, and gives a sense of depth and dynamics.

It addition to the logo I designed a branding guide that will allow to quickly design promotional materials for both print and digital supports.

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Client: Alessandro Salice

Year: 2018